SecondMailer.com is a group of services designed specifically for corporate mail. It is our position that e-mail is currently the most important tool of company communication.

SecondMailer.com was created with the clear vision of offering services to a new generation of companies that require a new type of system:  more flexible, more robust, and genuinely effective.   It answers a call from a market of fast changes and strong growth.

From email security, spam and virus filtering, archiving, private communication, encryption and email hosting, we deliver all necessary reliable tools to make your business a successful project.

We are obsessed with innovation, and we strive to offer products of high quality and low cost, even to the point of providing certain services totally free.

Our solutions have in common the aspect of being systems that do not require user installation of software, nor in-house maintenance, migrations, nor internal alterations by a technician. We have labored to achieve an ease of use of any our products such that even unsophisticated users may reach a high level of understanding.

Welcome to our site.  We sincerely hope that you find our services useful.


AntiSPAM 99,9%

AntiSPAM 99% service is a email gateway based on a dedicated servers platform to filter unsolicited or infected email, so it acts as a perimetral firewall, analyzing, protecting and eliminating any possible threat to every mail queue.


Email Hosting

Electronic mail has become one of the most important tools for communication of any company.

SecondMailer offers specialiced email hosting, with very favorable for e profresional quality, such as SSL encryption, the 99% AntiSPAM antivirus system , high storage space, unlimited traffic or high redundancy of our mail exchangers.


Subscriptions Manager

Second Mailer offers a robust hosted email sunbscriptions managemn platform that helps professional online business to manage and maximize the effectiveness of complex campaigns, magazines, journals, newsletters or any other email communications with high volume. With a user-friendly tabbed interface, Second Mailer works the way you do: write email messages, create segments, edit lists, manage landing pages, track Web analytics and gain insights from data and reports – all without having to close one tab to work in another