Axigen is a mail server with groupware and collaboration functionalities. It supports SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and webmail services, and includes features such as an integrated mailing list server, Antivirus and Antispam integration options, and various mobile capabilities including mobile-friendly webmail, Exchange ActiveSync and BlackBerry support.

We offer affordable Axigen basic hosted plans, upgradeable to premium features.

Main Zimbra Features

  • Multi Language

    Zimbra Webmail is in multiple languages, so people around the world can use it.

  • AutoSync Enabled

    All our hosted services have enabled auto sync feature by default.

  • Feature-rich browser-based experience

    Enables users to seamlessly and securely connect to their personal cloud

  • Sharing

    Sharing Calendar, Folders and Files

  • Multi Domain

    You can host aliased domains, so one mailbox can get emails from different domain.com, domain.net or domain2.com, for example

  • MS Exchange Compatible

    You can use native Microsoft Exchange client

Business Corporate Large Email Hosting

Business Email Hosting

We’re using the best email technology solutions based on Open Source projects to offer a realiable email hosting services,  but with some extra ingredients that you will adore. Open but elegant open source solutions.

Our storage is based on ultra hight reliable and secure hardware RAID platforms, that will avoid any service interruptions.

Also, we understand that email service should be always a large storage solution, so we decided to base our prices in space instead of users. Also, we’re not making limitations on the space per user, so you can get 500GBs plan and host one single user with entire space on its plan. Cool, huh ?

Advantages about our Business Hosted Email Services

  • 150MB file attachment alowed
  • Generous, reliable and affordable storage plans
  • Email hosting for all kind of customers.

Pick Your Plan


15 GB of storage
50 € per year

30GB of storage

6 users


100 GB of storage
150 € per year

100GB of storage

10 users


500 GB of storage
60 € per month

500GB of storage

50 users


1024 GB of storage
150 € per month

1024 GB of storage

100 users